I’m Kathryn Hume. I currently lead product and strategy for integrate.ai, an exciting and ambitious startup in Toronto (where the AI community is booming!). I used to lead business development for an AI research consultancy called Fast Forward Labs and teach courses on law and technology at the University of Calgary. Before that, I was an historian of philosophy, mathematics, and literature. My past shapes my present interests and thinking.

This is an attempt to start writing regularly and overcome any residual fears of sharing my writing with others. I won’t focus on one topic or theme, but will feature myriad thoughts on technology, art, literature, philosophy, yoga, religion, running, travel, music, values, relationships, love, and my perpetual quest for self improvement.

I hope at least one post will stimulate your mind, touch your heart, or challenge your assumptions about how the world works.

You’re welcome to contact me with comments (find a typo or grammatical error?), questions (interested in background reading on a particular topic?), or ideas for a guest blog post (it would be awesome to have other people involved on the site!).