I’m Kathryn Hume. I live in Toronto and lead product and strategy for integrate.ai, helping large enterprises improve customer engagement using artificial intelligence. I’m also a Venture Partner at ffVC, a early-stage technology investment firm in New York City. I advise AI startups on technology and strategy, source new deals, and represent the firm at conferences and events.

I speak around the world on artificial intelligence and take pride in my ability to explain complex technologies in plain words. I help executives identify business opportunities, policy makers understand societal implications and risks, and citizens understand what artificial intelligence means for our collective future. I love teaching, and have recently given guest lectures at Harvard Business School, Stanford, Michigan State University Law School, NextAI, University of Toronto, and MIT.

I produce a podcast called In Context, which features discussions with AI researchers, philosophers, VCs, and entrepreneurs. Here I talk about the challenges of enterprise AI adoption. Here I explain machine learning and applications in security. Here I analyze using AI to create art from past masterpieces. Here I explain why my doctorate in intellectual history prepared me for product marketing.

Before joining integrate.ai, I led sales & marketing for Fast Forward Labs, an AI research consultancy now part of Cloudera, and taught courses on law and technology at the University of Calgary. Before that, I was an historian of philosophy, mathematics, and literature. My dissertation was about habit as a form of knowledge in the Enlightenment.

I’m working on a book that explains machine learning algorithms via creative non-fiction and almost personal biography. Anecdote as metaphors to help readers deeply understand how these algorithms work and what questions they pose to society.

This blog features myriad thoughts on technology, art, literature, philosophy, yoga, religion, running, travel, music, values, relationships, love, and my perpetual quest for self improvement. I hope at least one post will stimulate your mind, touch your heart, or challenge your assumptions about how the world works.

You’re welcome to contact me with comments (find a typo or grammatical error?), questions (interested in background reading on a particular topic?), or ideas for a guest blog post (it would be awesome to have other people involved on the site!).