Point : Counterpoint

she woke
she blinked
it rained
she stretched
she peed
she ground
she brew
she drank
she read
she shat
she breathed
she wandered
she ran
she wondered
she stretched
she showered
she sang
she ate
she dressed
she walked

he woke
she sat
he peed
she read
he showered
she typed
he ate
she typed
he trained
she laughed
he elevatored
she listened
he sat
she disagreed
he read
she acquiesced
he typed
she reflected
he presented
she worried
he nodded
rain abetted
she breathed
he answered
she typed
he typed
she typed
he typed

she smiled
he ate
she gossiped
he bragged
she nibbled
he texted
she sipped
he slurped
clouds tiptoed
she noticed
he returned
she presented
he typed
she surged
he furrowed
she calmed
he called
she elevatored
he yelled
she walked
he regretted
she sat
he walked

she nodded
he sauntered
she saw
he sat
she averted
he texted
she reverted
he saw
she felt
he waited
she tingled
he approached
she blushed
he offered
she accepted
he asked
she answered
he answered
she asked
he probed
she allowed
sun set
he dared
she walked
he walked

she hinted
he touched
she coiled
he doubted
she opened
he mirrored
she undressed
he watched
she slithered
he followed
she touched
he entered
she winced
he worried
she arrived
he thrust
she followed
he retained
she overtook
he watched
she came
he smiled
she embraced
he continued
she nourished
he came
she smiled
he breathed
she peed
he lay
she washed
he slept
she observed
he slept
she dressed
he slept
night hummed
she left
he awoke
she walked
he noticed
she mulled
he turned
she walked
he slept
she itched
he slept
she relived
he slept
she glistened
he slept
she slept

love happened

The image is Magritte’s The Lovers, from 1928. Many say the work represents the difficulty of achieving true intimacy with another, as we retain ourselves behind veils and barriers. Perhaps that’s right. Perhaps it’s not. 

8 thoughts on “Point : Counterpoint

  1. ‘she coiled’, ‘she slithered’? I seem to recall that it ended badly for Lucifer. Do you see yourself that way? And ‘rain abetted’ - that is excellent. One expects ‘abated’, but ‘abetted’ implies so much more.


      1. Your blog displays a mercurial intelligence - full of instinct and irony. It feels to me like a mosaic, each part an element of the larger picture. If ‘she’ is not you, then she is at least an image of you seen through a glass darkly. I like the poem. A lot. It’s earthy, and it captures some rhythm like a dance step diagram. Thanks for posting it!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Regarding refractions, indeed. As long as long as the Sarabande from second cello suite serenades plaintively in the background (Casals, naturally), soundtrack for that one sliver of self. Perhaps the most prominent.


    1. PS - Michael Kohlhaas is one of my favorite books! Breaking the social contract as breaking the narrative contract. I taught that in my course about the state of nature at Stanford.


      1. Poor Michael, beset by Junkers. We see this pattern even now, as individual rights and universal justice encounter the survival interests of a ruling class - those with their fingers on the button and their noses in the trough. Truth in advertising. I saw the movie with Mads MIkkelsen - an actor whose versatility has surprised me despite his introduction as the cartoon bad guy with the eye bleed in ‘Casino Royale’. (A movie which comes in two parts: the opening sequence paean to martial arts, parkour and heavy machinery ending with a giant explosion, and then the rest of it.)


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